JScreenFix deluxe

JScreenFix deluxe

JScreenFix deluxe is a program that can prevent the burn-in in your monitors
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JScreenFix deluxe is a program that can prevent the burn-in in your monitors.
When a monitor displays the same image for a long time, the same area of the display is used all the time. This process can damage that part of the monitor, producing a burn-in, that will cause the monitor to show image persistence. In this case, you will be able to perceive the image showed during that time even when not displaying it, because that area of the monitor was heavily used, and then this area becomes darker than the rest of the screen.

JScreenFix Deluxe can also repair stuck or "dead" pixels, a common problem in plasma and LCD monitors. Sometimes a given pixel will remain white or black all the time. The program can detect this issue, and will attempt to fix it if it is possible.

The program will remain as an icon in your system tray until you invoke it by clicking your right mouse button when hovering over it.

Image persistence affects not only CRT, but plasma and LCD monitors.

JScreenFix deluxe is a Java application that you can use to prevent this effect. Through screen equalization, it avoids this damage to occur.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It can extend the life of your monitors
  • Being a Java application, is platform-independent


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